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Renovate your home with our professional interior house painting services in Dubai. From indoors to outdoors, our painters promise excellent service. Book Now.
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We spend maximum time in our homes. It offers us comfort indoors and inspires us to think and do better in life. From brightening up your private space to giving a complete makeover, interior house painting can be a life-transforming decision.


If you’re considering the option to renovate your home, do no look further than SITEC for interior house painting services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman. A small one-bedroom studio apartment, family home, or a luxury condo, we have skilled and experienced house painters to get the dream look.


We understand house painting can be exhausting and would take a good amount of your time. At SITEC, our skilled and experienced crew make painstaking efforts to optimize the house painting service to match your needs for timeline and budget.



Every house has a personality. From the plush interiors to the rigid and often rough external walls, there’s so much you can do to make your house look grand and feel comfortable.


While you may be thrilled at the prospect of giving your home a brand new look, hire skilled house painters that can meet your unique lifestyle preferences.


We, at SITEC, aim to deliver professional house painting services that uplift the overall appearance of the property at affordable prices only. It is about recreating your home and we do not leave any stone unturned to make the project a grand success for our clients.


Choosing the right color is important to make or fail your home renovation project. From painting the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom to the exteriors of the property, we can help you select the right color and finish to create the welcoming vibes for your home.


Consider the soothing and calming whites, lighter shades of blues, greens, violet, and yellow, or make some brave choices with bold blue, green, purple, and even red. We can also customize a unique shade for personalized house painting services.


Need some interesting ideas for interior house painting? We are just a call away to discuss all the feasible options to make your house look and feel great.



Planning to paint your house but have countless options to choose from? Fret not for we can help you pick the color that suits the interior design and overall character of the house.


Choose between water-based and oil-based paints, each has its own distinct properties. Like water-based latex paint is durable, easy to clean up, offers seamless sheen, and considered the best for interior house painting.


On the other side, oil-based or Alkyd paint consumes a lot of time while drying and may give a pungent smell; preferred for furniture and trims.


Select colors that make your walls look amazing, add more gravitas to your living space, and suit your personal lifestyle.


How does the surface look like after the paint is dried up depends on the paint sheen? There are countless options out there in sheens such as flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss, each with its unique decorative flair.


Even if you’ve peculiar requirements that demand extra efforts, SITEC house painters can accommodate the new and emerging home decor options out there to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

Give SITEC a call at +971 4 3472331  to arrange a quote for the job!


Professional Interior House Painting Service in Dubai


We know house painting is not an easy decision to make, especially if you’ve multiple other responsibilities to render such as jobs and take care of children and pets.


From colors to all other house painting supplies, SITEC takes the responsibility of arranging all the essential items so that you can relax. Our skilled and industrious painters can help you make all the adjustments such as moving and covering the furniture, AC, windows, and other household items.


All the manual lifting and shifting of the expensive and heavy items can be left on our skilled, trained, and professional staff. We promise hassle-free, damage-free assistance while sharing your burden.


Interior house painting may sound a hassle to many but SITEC makes it easy with its meticulous approach engineered for every project. From planning, organizing to effortless execution, we ensure that house painting service is rendered in optimal time and is worth every penny invested.


Do share your concerns with us so that we can schedule a perfect day for painting your house, as you sit and relax. We can also customize an interior house painting package to meet your unique needs.


For more information, give us a call at  +971 4 3472331. You can also inbox your queries to us at [email protected].

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