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Our skilled and experienced team can help with installing and repairing wooden material to keep your home looking great. Talk to our carpenters at 971 4 3472331.
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Carpentry is an art that can make or break the overall look of your home or office. Whether it is a repair job, rebuilding furniture or custom-made cabinets, dining tables, or similar woodwork, we have skilled and experienced carpenters to do the job.


Exhibiting a vast range of artistry, we have become a sought-after choice of top-quality indoor and outdoor carpentry jobs against the hot and humid weather conditions in Dubai.  No job is too big or small for us as we give unparalleled attention to every project.


We are one of Dubai’s trusted carpentry companies meeting all your home renovation and carpentry needs in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman.  Entrust us with any one-off job or opt for a home maintenance package to enjoy multiple benefits.

Our Carpentry Company Offers




Wooden furniture is susceptible to wear and tear. The old and broken furniture could be an eyesore and give a poor impression. We can repair practically anything made of wood such as doors, windows, cabinets, chairs, tables, deck, and everything else in home and office.



Damaged and outdated furniture is often abandoned in the storerooms where it eventually is eaten by termites and other rodents. What if you can make something out of the useless furniture or family heirlooms? We can restore furniture of all sizes and shapes. Equipped with all furniture supplies and tools.

Customized furniture


From the timeless designs to the modern carpentry decor,  we have the hands-on skills and tools to recreate your vision. Stylish cabinets, dining tables, sliding doors, cabanas, gazebo, timber deck or anything more, we have got you covered. Made to perfection, you’ll be amazed by our workmanship!

Give SITEC a call at +971 4 3472331  to arrange a quote for the job!


Budget-friendly Home Carpenters & Renovators


Carpentry has become an integral part of home renovation. Whether you are going for full-fledge home painting, constructing an outdoor deck, or renovating the entire house, our carpentry company can give a sophisticated and polished look to your home.


Our professionally trained carpenters have the know-how to repair and restore the dirty and old furniture after the house painting is concluded. We use the highest quality of furniture polish for doors, windows, furniture, cabinets, and many other wooden things.


Meticulous and organized in every job undertaken, SITEC promises to deliver the highest-quality workmanship without digging a hole in your pocket. Our carpentry company is touted to be one of the cheapest in the region without compromising on the quality service.


We can also customize a package, exclusively for your needs. Let’s hop on a call at +971 4 347233 and discuss the project.


Hire Dubai’s best carpentry company for old furniture repairs?


Do you feel bad seeing your cherished and old family furniture losing its sheen? It’s natural to feel that way but at SITEC, we take the utmost pride in the way we handle every project.


We take utmost care and precautions repairing and restoring your old furniture, ranging from vintage cabinets, grandfather chairs, piano, or anything expensive.


From superior workmanship to the finest furniture supplies, we are well stocked with everything that’s needed to meet your carpentry needs in Dubai and all over the UAE.


For more information on what our carpentry company can do, give us a call at  +971 4 3472331. You can also inbox your queries to us at [email protected].

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SITEC offers a range of cleaning services, we have a team of professional cleaning staff that will leave your home or office the cleanest it’s ever been.


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