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Having problems keeping your home or office cool indoors? Call at 971 4 3472331 to seek professional AC repairs and maintenance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman.
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Unbearable hot and humid weather in Dubai compels more and more people to stay indoors and enjoy the comfort of air conditioners. However, if you’re not receiving cool air conditioning, then its probably the right time to ask for an HVAC contractor for a thorough inspection.


We, at SITEC, provide air conditioning repair service for all brands, local and international, at a reasonable price. We are meticulous and prepared to take jobs including but not limited to


  • Clogged or dirty air filters
  • Thermostat problems
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Clogged drain line
  • Electric control failure
  • Non-working compressor
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Dirty condenser coils


If you suspect foul smell, unexpected noise, or other performance issues, seek professional help to determine the root cause of the problem. We provide air conditioning repairs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman.

Signs That Your AC Needs Repair Service?


It is hard to ascertain the real problem but an early diagnosis can save your AC from major
issues including a breakdown.

Look for troubling signs such as

● Exorbitant energy bills

● Poor cooling

● Unusual noise

● High indoor humidity


AC services include


● Home and office installation

● AC replacement service

● AC filter cleaning and replacement

● AC duct cleaning and repair

● AC compressor service

● AC maintenance

● AC cleaning

● AC disinfection or sanitation


At SITEC, we effectively address AC problems, ranging from basic fixes to specialized repairs.

Instead of suffering in low cooling performance, and ruining your peace of mind, ask a professional company for air conditioning repairs and maintenance.


Do you need AC service? Give SITEC a call at +971 4 3472331  to arrange a quote for the job!


Our Basic Air Conditioning Repair Process Includes


  1. Book AC Repair Job: Upon receiving a request for an AC job, one of our technicians will pay a visit to the client site to inspect the unit. A thorough assessment will be performed to conduct a fast and effective diagnosis and provide a fair estimate for the AC repair service.
  2. AC Service Day: A dedicated technician is assigned to every AC repair Equipped with all the tools and equipment, our technician will provide a permanent solution to restore your AC to its original, high-performance state.
  3. After-Sale Service: Expect completed assistance even after the job is complete. If the rarest of rare cases, you’re facing the same problem, we are just a call away to provide expert assistance.


Do you need urgent AC repairs? Feel free to contact us and we can arrange a visit from one of our technicians in the shortest possible time. We can also tailor an AC service package to meet other broader home maintenance needs without costing you much.


AC Maintenance Tips 


Repairing or replacing an air conditioner can get costly if you’re not providing proper AC cleaning and maintenance. If you suspect poor air quality or any other AC problem, ask for professional assistance and save yourself from the headache of expensive AC repairs.


Expert AC maintenance tips include


  • Check, and clean your AC filters after every couple of months
  • Remove dirt and debris from AC evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clean coil fins of all the accumulated dust
  • Clear the drainage
  • Keep the condenser unit under a shed
  • Schedule regular AC cleaning and sanitation


If you’ve more than one AC unit installed in your home or office and lack adequate time to manage them, request SITEC for comprehensive property maintenance services.


Whether you choose one-off AC repair service or maintenance packages, we promise complete peace of mind to all our clients.  Schedule the visit from one of our technicians at +971 4 3472331to to get a thorough AC inspection and enjoy clean and cool air all day round.

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SITEC offers a range of cleaning services, we have a team of professional cleaning staff that will leave your home or office the cleanest it’s ever been.


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