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From removing dry leaves, dirt to deep chemical pool cleaning, our reliable Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai, is just a call away, at 971 4 3472331.
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Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a luxury but it requires regular upkeep for your family and friends to enjoy crystal clear water, in all seasons. Keep your pool clean against the growth of dust, debris, and other water pollutants while preventing water-borne illnesses.

At SITEC, our skilled and experienced team renders professional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman.  We ensure that your pool has sparkling clean water for you to enjoy swimming.

Retain the beauty of your property with regular pool cleaning and maintenance. Talk to our pool experts for any and every assistance you need.

How To Maintain Your Swimming Pool?


Your swimming pool is a valuable asset to your residential and commercial property. When ignored, it can become a breeding ground for a host of fungus, bacteria, and countless germs.


We, at SITEC, follow a standard pool maintenance process on every on-site visit. It includes but not limited to


  • Alkalinity (80-120ppm) and pH levels (7.2-7.8)
  • Maintain recommended Chlorine levels (1.0-2.0ppm)
  • Use shocking products to clean water and reduce skin irritation
  • Algaecides prevent the growth of algae in the pool
  • Manually clean pool using brushes and cleaners to remove dirt and debris such as leaves or branches.
  • Scrubbing the floor tiles for a squeaky clean surface
  • Checking the filters to remove the blockage
  • Maintaining the water level in the pool.


We can customize the pool service package if you’ve unique needs such as pool cleaning, and repairs. The pool is made ready for you to dip and enjoy swimming for hours.


Give SITEC a call at +971 4 3472331  to arrange a quote for the job!


Our Pool Services Include


Residential Pool Cleaning


People love hosting pool parties. But you can’t plan a party if the pool is dirty and festered with algae and bacterial growth. Seasonal changes require your pool to be kept cleaned and sanitized before using else it may result in health problems.  Ensure a safe pool experience for your family and friends with expert swimming pool maintenance services in Dubai.

Commercial Pool Cleaning


Swimming pools add value to your restaurants, resorts, and other commercial areas. Keep your customers happy and healthy enabling them to swim in sparkling clean pool water. Kill the fear of any health concerns germinating out of poor water quality. Schedule pool cleaning and maintenance services allowing your guests to swim and have unlimited fun in the pool.


From removing dry leaves and debris to deep chemical cleaning and everything in between, SITEC has years of experience in swimming pool maintenance, cleaning and repairs in Dubai and all over the UAE, to maintain the highest hygiene standards.


Our services are safety-focused that will ensure that you’ve nothing to worry about matters concerning the pool and the water. We have all the right cleaning supplies and tools to keep your pool in the best condition, throughout the year.


Weekly, Monthly, or Annual Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai?


Every customer has unique requirements. There is no standard frequency for cleaning or maintaining swimming pools but if it is in an inactive state for long, consult our pool cleaning and maintenance company for all expert assistance in Dubai for the best recommendation.


Whether weekly, monthly, or yearly, consult SITEC pool experts to decide on the ideal cleaning or maintenance schedule for your swimming pool.  From cleaning the water to checking the pool equipment and many other basic maintenance steps, we do a thorough inspection to restore the pristine look of your swimming pool.


We are meticulous in our approach to plan and execute every job, with unparalleled conviction to deliver top-quality swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service in Dubai.


Call us today on  +971 4 3472331 to discuss what’s best for your swimming pool.

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